Curriculum Vitae

Reece Quiñones

Creative/Art Direction & Design

Creative Capabilities

  • Extensive development of publications, sales and marketing materials, internal and external corporate communications
  • Highly skilled in product development, web design, brand imaging, and brand management
  • Able to create wireframes that communicate the goals of the business plan, organizes content, and addresses the user experience
  • Strong conceptual, layout, drawing, and typography skills
  • In-depth knowledge of graphic design theories and techniques
  • Able to understand clients business and brand
  • Able to create both traditional and contemporary design solutions for print and web/digital
  • Art direction, mentoring, and training
  • Highly skilled in Adobe CC (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), Quark (My First Love), and Final Cut Pro
  • Additional knowledge in HTML/XHTML/CSS and multimedia software including Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion, and Soundtrack
  • Photography experience, technical B/W photo development and studio work
  • Fine Art experience [including lithography; illustration; wood and wire sculpture; painting (all mediums)

Design Management Capabilities

  • Manage staff of creatives (direct- and non-direct reports and vendors) in executing all design efforts to ensure staff are on strategy, on budget, and on schedule
  • Able to collaborate with marketing and executive staff to develop style guides for internal and external use
  • Able to plan, develop, and defend budget recommendations, work goals, metrics measurements, and training needs that provide both profitable and quality solutions
  • Able to establish fiscal year work pipeline by meeting with internal clients and report ROI
  • Develop and implement department policies, procedures, process improvement, and quality standards
  • Complete fair and objective performance reviews that grow the design team and benefit the organization
  • Possess solid understanding on the theory and science of design and market dynamics of integrated programs, products, and services
  • Provide leadership and motivation that conveys the vision and values of the organization and able to effectively communicate with staff
  • Able to establish and work toward success metrics
  • Able to build and manage the culture of the design team
  • Lead in the education and development of creative staff
  • Able to direct and lead the design team to execute assigned projects across all media types (print, interactive, social media, video, events/conferences, and much more)

Project/Client Management Capabilities

  • Facilitate the contributions and outcomes of client brainstorming sessions, presentations, and meetings
  • Able to participate in the new business ideation and strategic initiatives
  • Detail oriented
  • Solid organizational and communication skills
  • Meet expectations and deliverables on time and with high-quality
  • Able to present aesthetic direction and concepts of projects to clients

Production Capabilities

  • Seamless integration of front- to back-end functionality of websites and other digital products
  • Production experience in development, design, and prepress with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Prepress and 4+ Color Reproduction
  • Vendor Management and Quality Control
  • Direct and Produce High-Quality Products

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