Hello, this is 09 Creative . . .


Creating beautiful + effective visual solutions through art direction and design. 

I am a creative director, designer, and graphic design professor in the Washington, DC area. Throughout my agency, newspaper, non-profit, and corporate experiences, I have developed the insight necessary to translate concepts into effective visual solutions. My design experience extends from art direction and concepting to design and delivery stages, utilizing production, digital processes, prepress, and printing techniques.

Combining art and technology to transform communication problems into visual solutions is truly my passion and I am lucky enough to also call it my career.

I do occasionally accept freelance opportunities. Please do not hesitate to email me with any job inquiries or if you have any questions.

Why 09 Creative?

REASON ONE: When designing, there are 9 elements and 9 principles that I like to use as a starting point.

REASON TWO: Did you know that if you multiply nine by any whole number (except the number zero), and continue to add the individual digits of the answer until there is just one digit, you will always end up with nine. (Ex. 9 x “any whole number, except zero” –> 9 x 564 = 5076 –> 5+0+7+6 = 18 –> 1+8 = 9)—impressive, huh? Which leads us to reason three.

REASON THREE: Nine also has been known to mean full-circle or completion.

REASON FOUR: Only 1/9 of an iceberg is above water. (Hmmm…deep!)

REASON FIVE: And, last but I feel is the most important reason…I was born on the ninth day of the month.



Brand Research, Strategy, Identity, Brand Touchpoints, Alignment, Management, Metrics, Training, and Guidelines


Conference and Exhibit Show Design, Interior Spaces, and Wayfinding

Information Design

Complex Ideation, Infographic Design, Information Architecture, User Interface (UI)

Instructional Design

Learning methodologies, Integrative Technology, Learning Management Systems, Assessment Development, Adult Learning, Teaching


Strategy, Planning, Ideation, Advertising, Digital, Brochures, Collateral, Digital Marketing, and Merchandising

Motion Graphics

Promo Videos, Commercials, and Informational Videos


Kits, Bags, Bundles, Swag, and Boxes


Newsletters, Newspapers, E-Newsletters, E-Books, Blogs, and Magazine Design


Design Thinking, UX Design, Research, App Design, Wireframing, Design, Product Management


In a nutshell I enjoy solving problems with design. Starting with your business objectives, I gain a thorough understanding of the problem, goals, values, industry, audience, budget, constraints, and timeline. As a designer, I also have approaches that I follow to guide me in ensuring that everything I do is value-based and will help companies achieve their goals.


My methodology revolves around using design as a framework for exploration. This high-level process of exploring, research, strategy, testing, marketing, and a thoughtful use of the elements and principles of design provides a path for me to search for best solution for the communication problem. My design methods allow for freedom in the process so that there are no limits in the ideation and the creativity applied to any project.


Design is a process that starts with an approach that the designer values intrinsically for how the work gets done, then uses methodologies for exploration. Each step in the methodology involves its own set of processes that leads to a successful design solution. Some of these processes involve art direction and design management which include the management of costs, schedules, and quality.

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