Curriculum Vitae

Reece Quiñones

Creative/Art Direction & Design

Design Management/Business/Marketing Capabilities

  • Strategize and manage integrated campaigns across all channels, applying the creative process from conception to completion. 
  • Deliver results-driven creative, business, and marketing solutions to client engagements
  • Work with diverse business teams to help clients articulate their messages to their audiences, then translate that information into compelling creative
  • Apply strategic thinking and analytical reporting that bring value to business decisions that benefit the overall bottom line.
    Engage in business development by writing and contributing to new project proposals and pitching
  • Collaborate with company leadership to develop services, pricing, and strategy to support business growth
  • Lead the strategic marketing function. Responsible for developing agile, cost effective, marketing strategies focused on ROI.
  • Also responsible for driving brand awareness and thought leadership to internal and external audiences
  • Manage staff of creatives (direct- and non-direct reports and vendors) in executing all design efforts to ensure staff are on strategy, on budget, and on schedule
  • Able to plan, develop, and defend budget recommendations, work goals, metrics measurements, and training needs that provide both profitable and quality solutions
  • Able to establish fiscal year work pipeline by meeting with internal clients and report ROI
  • Develop and implement department policies, procedures, process improvement, and quality standards
  • Complete fair and objective performance reviews that grow the design team and benefit the organization
  • Possess solid understanding on the theory and science of design and market dynamics of integrated programs, products, and services
  • Provide leadership and motivation that conveys the vision and values of the organization and able to effectively communicate with staff
  • Able to establish and work toward success metrics
  • Able to build and manage the culture of the design team
  • Lead in the education and development of creative staff

Creative Capabilities

  • Extensive development of publications, sales and marketing materials, internal and external corporate communications
  • Highly skilled in product development, UX, branding process, and brand management
  • Able to create wireframes that communicate the goals of the business plan, organizes content, and addresses the user experience
  • Strong conceptual, layout, drawing, and typography skills
  • In-depth knowledge of graphic design theories and techniques
  • Able to understand clients business and brand
  • Able to create both traditional and contemporary design solutions for print and web/digital
  • Art direction, mentoring, and training
  • Highly skilled in Adobe CC (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), and Quark (My First Love)
  • Additional knowledge in HTML/XHTML/CSS and multimedia software including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Apple Motion
  • Photography experience, technical B/W photo development and studio work
  • Fine Art experience [including lithography; illustration; wood and wire sculpture; painting (all mediums)

Project/Client Management Capabilities

  • Facilitate the contributions and outcomes of client brainstorming sessions, presentations, and meetings
  • Able to participate in the new business ideation and strategic initiatives
  • Detail oriented
  • Solid organizational and communication skills
  • Meet expectations and deliverables on time and with high-quality
  • Able to present aesthetic direction and concepts of projects to clients

Production Capabilities

  • Product design strategy and direction
  • Seamless integration of front- to back-end functionality of websites and other digital products
  • Production experience in development, design, and prepress with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Prepress and 4+ Color Reproduction
  • Vendor Management and Quality Control
  • Direct and Produce High-Quality Products

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