Behavioral Health System Baltimore: Crisis Line Rebranding


Behavioral Health System Baltimore


Creative Direction:
Reece Quiñones
Designer: Khanh Pham


Baltimore Crisis, Information, and Referral Line (CIR Line) is a crisis hotline managed by BHSB and staffed by the Baltimore Crisis Response. Participants experience everyday challenges such as depression, substance use, difficulty finding affordable housing, financial hardships (working multiple jobs), difficulty accessing mental and physical health care, and constant stress and worry. BHSB found that awareness for the crisis line was low and potential callers were afraid of being judged or institutionalized. Hatcher was brought in to conduct focus groups and rebrand the CIR Line. After just a few months, the newly branded Here2Help line had a 100% increase in calls.

Projects Specs: Campaign Logo, Ads, Social Graphics, OOH


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