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ASCD Elevate App

ASCD Creative Art Direction, User Experience Lead, Product Development, and Design: Reece Quiñones Designers: ASCD Creative ASCD Elevate is an app that will put the power to motivate ...

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ASCD Annual Report 2013

ASCD Creative Visit project: ar2013.ascd.org Art Direction & Design: Reece Quiñones Creative Direction: Gary Bloom Designer: Greer Wymond and Lindsey Smith ASCD's 2013 Annual Report was titled The Promise of Leadership. ...

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ASCD Arias Microsite

ASCD CreativeArt Direction and Design: Reece Quiñones While ASCD was creating the new product line, ASCD Arias short books, we launched a new microsite and other advertising and marketing materials. The look ...

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ASCD Timeline

ASCD Creative Art Direction and Exhibit Design: Reece Quiñones Senior Creative Director: Gary Bloom Designer: Greer Wymond Coder: Bryan Ranzenberger View site: ascd.org/ascd_timeline ASCD is an influential educational organization that is ...

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